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74 99 Points Log
by maria127
Apr 28, 2020 19:47:46 GMT -6
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If you're feeling creative, this is the place to be. Keep your inspirational items here, test some code and create a studio to make art!

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22 98 Table testing [Teaching Mysellf Table Coding]
by maria127
Apr 8, 2020 10:35:07 GMT -6

Do you want a character but now sure who or what to choose? Or maybe you have so many character ideas that you don't know what to do with. Here you can put characters up for adoption and adopt some characters too!

8 26 Satan x Viper
by maria127
Feb 10, 2020 20:52:41 GMT -6
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29 207 Satan x Viper Cub interest check.
by maria127
May 27, 2020 12:10:48 GMT -6

Completed or dead threads lie here. If you want a thread to be archived, simply ask a staff member.

13 49 To Make New Friends [Negotiation]
by Gilden
Oct 3, 2019 1:24:34 GMT -6

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144 153 The Edge
by Celestine
May 29, 2021 22:05:49 GMT -6

Entry Lands

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Gola Ruins

Being at the edge of Winsera, this is the first place many creatures find when they enter the new lands. Though there doesn't seem to be much in these ruins, the two large dead trees called the Thanatos Trees that loom over the center have many stories to tell. Most commonly the stories are of those that don't make it through the hash lands, its name meaning 'death bringer' a very apt name. The creatures that live to see it, come here to be found by Realm members, added to their Kingdoms either willingly or by force. Dead grass and mud litters the area though it almost never seems to rain here.

15 148 Exploring New Lands
by Bernadette
May 26, 2020 20:48:29 GMT -6
Slimera Willow

Deeper into Winsera lays the large Slimera willow tree which has been named the Karasi tree, meaning life. Its large branches reach up towards the sky, extending high above the heads of any creature that walks below it. On the base of the tree, the symbols of the Realms seem scorched into the bark. Here is where one would go if they already knew what Realm they wished to be apart of. However, which of the three Kingdoms in that Realm will answer?
(Use the labels to show which Realm you wish to arrive.)

3 21 Low Hanging Branches
by zazuu
Apr 14, 2020 20:10:35 GMT -6

Unclaimed Lands

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Emerald Cascade

A beautiful row of waterfalls all crashing together into an endless ocean. The water is shallow at the bottom before slowly getting deeper until the land underfoot falls, leaving nothing but spanning water. No matter what season, the water always seems to be the perfect temperature, not too cold but not too hot either. The mossy bank that surrounds the start of the falls is sometimes slippery and if someone isn't too careful, can cause an unsuspecting creature to fall down the rapids. The current here is strong but there are some places where the water pools in the middle of small patches of grass for those that want to experience the falls without the fear of drowning.

6 48 Time for Love, not War [Viper]
by viper
Apr 1, 2020 9:00:45 GMT -6
Subro Jungle

A deep and lush jungle, there are many different types of trees, vines and flowers that reside here. The dense trees and brush helps to keep some creatures hidden when needed but that also means that it can keep predators hidden as well. It is quite easy to get lost in here though there seems to be a rather convenient winding path that cuts through the jungle starting at the Slimera Willows and leading towards the Ramere Meadow. Those that leave this path must be careful not to get lost.

5 69 Exploration is a Girl's best friend
by dahlia
May 21, 2020 17:54:50 GMT -6
Tante Barrens

These rolling desert hills seem to move on their own though very little wind moves through these areas. Golden brown hills rise up in different sizes, the sand moving underfoot makes it hard to traverse through this area. The sun seems to beat down hotter here than any other place in Winsera providing year round heat and little protection to those that choose to reside here. For those that remain here too long, they might begin to see mirages off in the distance and, if they aren't careful might overheat in the sun.

2 27 Warmth from a Wasteland
by Ygritte
Feb 26, 2020 14:48:20 GMT -6
Bloodrun Ruins

Aptly named, the Bloodrun Ruins is where official fights happen, the rules are set and must be followed in fear of the God's wrath. Long ago in ancient times a large temple named Gazini, meaning blood, one stood, but for unknown reasons this structure has fallen into rubble. In most areas the temple is nothing but piles of rubble, however a few columns and seats have remained partially intact. The large ruins that fall around the arena make seats for any creatures that wish to watch the fights that happen here. Within the Ruins are several open flat areas of different sizes, surrounded by degenerating stone structures for creatures to fight at their leisure.
Here is where the Festival of Champions and the children's championship for the Day of Youth happens.

3 26 [Festival of Champions] Azar's Wager
by abduxuel
May 24, 2020 3:45:11 GMT -6
Himera Beach

Down by the water's edge and to the east of the Light Realm lies the breathtaking Himera Beach. The shore itself is teeming with life, both plant and creature as the water itself is a plentiful source of fish. The golden sand shines with small quartz deposits that litter the sandy shores. Plenty of flooding has effectively altered the shoreline, uprooting much of the old flora and creating a haven for sea loving creatures to sunbathe, swim, fish, or gather to watch one of the most beautiful sunsets in all of Winsera.
Here is where the Starfall Feast occurs.

5 26 Two Bears and a Leopard Went to a Beach [Bern & Vince]
by Staff
Mar 23, 2020 14:34:41 GMT -6
Sarina Lake

This lake seems to shimmer with ever growing light, shining bright with the reflections of the sun above. Reaching several feet at its deepest, the water is shallow around the edges before turning deep quickly which could pose a problem for those that can't swim. Dark banks of igneous rock and sediment help to perfectly frame the edges of the lake. Various fish now call this place home along with a few large predators as well.

8 58 Searching and Apologizing
by Korivan
Apr 10, 2020 11:25:52 GMT -6
Banfell Cliffs

A large mountainous region that spans across the entire west edge of Winsera creates the backbone for several other territories. Impassable crevasses and monstrous divides section this mountain into several peaks each with cliffs that are just as hazardous as the next. They are quite dangerous to climb and many have fallen to their death over the sheer cliffs and to the spike filled death below.

2 16 [OPEN] A Home Only an Owl Could Love
by zazuu
Feb 19, 2020 19:26:04 GMT -6
Malcana Heights

A small mountain range that cascades off the side of the Banfell Plateau, these Heights are much safer, not nearly as tall as its Plateau cousin. Here the mountains cascade down slowly and gently to a snow covered ground below. Despite the gentle slopes, rocks tend to fall often, likely to crash down on unsuspecting climbers. One misstep could cause sprains or broken bones and, with the peak looming over the Sarina Lake, drowning is certainly a risk for the most unfortunate.

Sub-board: Mt. Kergate

2 28 Going with the Flow
by tannin
Jun 16, 2020 23:24:22 GMT -6
Canomar Caverns

Buried deep under unpassable mountains lays beautiful caverns that shine with gems across the top and sides of the cave. Deep within, the lights sparkle from the gems. It's winding passageways teem with stalactites and stalagmites made from mineral deposits of lime and crystal created by beds of natural gas and oil. Though the walls and ceiling carry dangerous spikes, the center ground is surprisingly flat, allowing many to walk without worry. Down here is a great place for those not wanting to be found. It has an in entrance from the Emerald Cascade and two more into realm lands, one in Conamar Caverns, and one in Raygora Hallow

2 15 Just for Giggles
by Quinn
Mar 17, 2020 18:37:27 GMT -6
Jening Cemetery

Nestled in the center of Winsera lies the Jening Cemetery, a place for dying creatures to come and find rest. Moss is laid under the large old tree, dubing the name, Amarta Tree, meaning immortal, making a comfortable final resting spot for those who wish to spend their last moments around the spirits of the land. Grave markers are placed across the land, though no one really knows how they got there.
(If you have had a character die in Winsera feel free to create a board for them here and describe their tomb stone or any other markings they would have over their grave.)

6 65 Seeking Ties [Finnegan]
by Satan
May 23, 2020 5:00:11 GMT -6
Idora Canopy

Coiling branches dangle from the many canopy trees with a wide range of flowers littering the evergreen ground below. The forest was tremendous, luminous, and ancient. Its canopy was completed by the wide variety of trees that grew, who gave just enough light a chance to descend for an overabundance of saplings to rule the brittle leaves on the ground below.
Here is where the Feast of Magic happens and the Leader's Gathering takes place.

7 106 Falling Stars
by Korivan
Apr 12, 2020 19:40:43 GMT -6
Radmere Meadow

The large field spans seemingly forever, providing lush tall grass and plentiful plants. Here herbivores can come to graze while predators can come to hunt. Tall, free growing grass makes for ample cover and the undulating terrain allows skilled hunters to gain the advantage over their prey.
(Use the label "Hunt" to start a hunting thread.)

11 148 Group Hunt - March Year 2
by viper
Apr 7, 2020 12:57:30 GMT -6

Realm Lands

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Light Realm

The large lush area is split up into three territories, each unique in their own ways. The Sunstained Dunes are a sandy area with rolling dunes and soft sand underfoot. Within that area, is the Nova Pit. The Herasine Hills run down the middle of the area with soft flowing hills covered with grass and sand. The Summerstead Sanctuary is hidden here. The Etmos Field is a long flat area with lush fields. Here, the Everlasting Green stands tall and firm.

Sub-boards: Sunstained Dunes, Herasine Hills, Etmos Fields

20 137 Exploring the New Territory
by Korivan
May 6, 2020 20:01:28 GMT -6
Air Realm

A small mountainous area with several different types of elevations where the winds blow quickly through the area. The low hills make this place a beautiful area to oversee the land but the high cliffs also make it a dangerous place at times. The Caterock Pinnacle is home to the tallest mountains in this land. Hidden there is a place called Vitos Haven. Within the center of the Realm is Sheller's Rise which is where most of the tall hills can be found. A magical river called Colishire Brook calls this place home. Restless Hills is where the soft rolling hills lie. Here, the Whistling Slopes can be seen, and heard.

Sub-boards: Caterock Pinnacle , Sheller's Rise, Restless Hills

8 32 [Border] Exploration
by Delgata
May 30, 2020 22:13:20 GMT -6
Earth Realm

One of the most lively forests in Winsera, these three areas all come together with various types of trees and plants. The plentiful herbs and flowers that grow here make this realm one of the ones that always has plenty of herbs. Apple Grove is a lush forest with plenty of space as well as trees. Within here lies the beautiful Dragon Heart. The Esna Covert is a hilled forest land with several types of soft elevation coupled with a deep forest. Hidden within the trees is a place called Crescent Falls. Ebony Woods is the thickest forest in the Earth Realm, some trees growing so close they grow into each other. Here lies a wonderful giant mushroom called Silverleaf Fungi.

Sub-boards: Apple Grove, Esna Covert, Ebony Woods

27 143 [Border] Spring Time Has Come Once Again
by Bernadette
Jun 11, 2020 19:02:35 GMT -6
Water Realm

At the south west edge of Winsera, these lands strive on the water that runs both through and around them. Most lands here are water logged, creating marshes that help keep these creatures able to use their powers. Circled by a lush forest is Baxney Cove. Hiding there is a giant hallow tree called the Arching Oak. Western Glades is a hilled wetland with plenty of plants and elevation. Somewhere within the land is a mysterious pit called the Luanunu Crater. Brightling Bog is a large marsh with flat land and tall grass. On the edge of the water is a place called the Cursed Reef.

Sub-boards: Baxney Cove, Western Glades, Brighling Bog

11 83 A Joint Meeting [Border of Levidor-Amshu]
by Korivan
Jun 12, 2020 19:10:23 GMT -6
Fire Realm

These lands are the most arid of all the territories besides the Tante Barons of course. Sand litters the ground here and very little herbs grow in these areas. Though they don't hold much water on its own, these lands are next to the Emerald Cascade for quick access. The Korib Desert is a place covered with dead grass and cacti, though the sand leaves the place barren looking. Here is a large rock formation called the Cliffcaster Peak. Chala Savanna is home to a dry broken ground and very little cacti. Poking out of the ground is a giant unknown skeleton called the Chindrad Skeleton. The dry sandy hills of the Northern Frontier is wide and rolling with elevation. Here, a pool of liquid glass called the Silver Pool can be found.

Sub-boards: Korib Desert, Chala Savanna , Northern Frontier

8 53 [OPEN] The Sea of Nothingness
by maximus
Feb 26, 2020 1:00:52 GMT -6
Shadow Realm

These lands are split up into three different cave systems, each with their won land above. Some are passable, others are not. All have at least one entrance but no more then two. Here the shadows take hold. Condell Chasms is a single entrance cave system with large almost impassable mountains above it. Within it a lark sinkhole called Kaguyak Cenote. The Raygora Hallow is a single entrance cave with slow rolling mountains on top of it. Inside a beautiful room called the Florescent Corridor can be found filled with mushrooms. Above the two entrance Enchanted Abyss is a small forest like area with hills and plants. Inside though, is a place called the Frozen Hallway.

Sub-boards: Condell Chasms , Raygora Hallow, Enchanted Abyss

27 240 [Envoy] Smoke and Flame
by Axel
May 30, 2020 22:13:12 GMT -6
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